What is the BUFF Life?


Can you imagine having the energy to outrun your kids?

What about breezing through that To-Do List with real get-up-and-go?

What would life be like if you had the focus to tackle that project at work and still have the drive and vitality to come home and have a fun night with your family?

How would it feel to be able to lose that stubborn body fat that you just can’t get to budge?

Do all of these sound like pipe dreams?

They’re not!

We’re not meant to go through life like zombies in the Walking Dead. Just surviving on drive through mystery food and barely enough sleep.

We all remember the days when we had big dreams and plans to conquer the world.

But sometimes we lose ourselves and our identity as women when we become wives and moms. Being a mom is the best job we could ever have, but we sometimes forget that we have other jobs and titles- we forget that we are living breathing women.

If you’re ready to be your best- for yourself and your kids- you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Jessica and I have trained and mentored soldiers as a paratrooper in the US Army and I am now a board certified holistic health coach and personal trainer. I work with moms who are All Heart and a little B@Da$$ to help them get the energy they need to outrun their kids and live the BUFF lives they deserve using only food and fitness.

A BUFF Life isn’t about a buff bikini body, spending hours in the gym, or slaving away in the kitchen. It’s about taking your life back. Getting the energy to be able to do the things that you love again, while still fitting in the essentials.


I offer online group coaching so that you don’t have to worry about fitting in yet another office visit. To learn more about me, see here. Follow these links for more info about my approach and health coaching and training in general. Check out my online programs to see which is best for you.

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