Professional Vegas Competition Pictures

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to blog again. Well, I do, but…

At first it was because I was busy with Christmas and New Year’s family stuff. Then every time I sat down to write, I had so many ideas and just couldn’t pick one. So many things have been floating around in my head. Plus I’ve got quite a few new clients after the New Year and I’m excited to help them on their fitness journey, but that means that I’m now working quite a bit more at the gym so I have less time to write.

I decided that I’m finally going to share my professional stage pictures, because that’s the baseline, and then go from there. I’m going to try to be more regular now.

I finally got these a while ago and was really excited to see them. My first thought was that I couldn’t believe what a cheese I was, but that’s what you’re supposed to do on stage, be excited and a little sassy.

Without further ado, here are my pictures from the Figure America competition in Las Vegas, NV on November 22nd.

First, here’s me walking on stage. Then I break out my front pose.

Jessica Gunst walking on stage Figure America 2013Jessica Gunst front pose Figure America 2013

Then I do some side poses and begin my turn to the back.

Jessica Gunst side pose 1 Figure America 2013Jessica Gunst side pose 2 Figure America 2013

After successfully completing the turn without breaking an ankle, I hit my back pose.

Jessica Gunst turning 2 Figure America 2013Jessica Gunst back pose Figure America 2013

Then I turn back to the front, hit some more side poses, wave to the judges, and walk off stage, with a little sass at the end.

Jessica Gunst waving Figure America 2013Jessica Gunst walking off stage Figure America 2013

Then the 5 of us came back on for comparisons. You can see how each of us had our own strengths and weaknesses. I’m on the far right end of the comparison pictures. I got seventh and the woman in the middle placed sixth. She’s also the one that got second at my competition in Dallas in October. The woman between us got third. In my opinion, my back is my strongest feature, but my glutes are my weakest. I don’t know, maybe they ended up cancelling each other out. 😉

Jessica Gunst front comparison Figure America 2013

JGunst LV13 by gordonjsmith DSC_3995.NEF

JGunst LV13 by gordonjsmith DSC_4000.NEF

My goal in the off-season is to build my glutes (aka booty) and I’ve really been killing it the last few weeks. I can feel a difference already. And I don’t think it’s just because my off-season diet has me eating more carbs to build the muscle. I’m definitely going to have to start being more spatially aware, because by the end of this month my butt may be so big that if I’m not careful when I turn around and there’s a small child there, I may send the poor kid flying.

Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but it might not be. I’m excited for the progress and to see what the final product will be on stage in Miami in June.

I’ll be a little more serious next time.

Questions? Comments? Please let me know.