Why Detox?

Because I’ve been talking a little bit more about detoxification, I get a lot of questions about detoxing, cleansing, and elimination diets. I’m going to go over a few.

Detox with me now- you are what you eat

Isn’t the body already equipped with its own way to release toxins? We don’t really need to do extra detoxes or take herbs do we?

Well, technically yes, the body should be able to eliminate toxins on its own, and we shouldn’t need to do supplemental detoxes and/ or cleanses. However, that is assuming:
1.  The body is in perfect working order. We know this is not true. Many of us are on some sort of medication for one reason or another. Even if we’re not, we don’t feel as good as we could because something is a little sluggish.
2.  We are giving our bodies all of the nutrients they need. On a daily basis, our bodies perform millions of chemical reactions necessary to not only to go about your daily life, but to detox the chemicals that we come into contact with on a daily basis.
3.  Our bodies know what to do with all the chemicals we come into contact with. There are at least a thousand new chemicals added to the chemical soup every year. Only 90% of them are tested for safety on humans- so we don’t know what they do short-term, long-term, or even how they combine once in our bodies.

Why can’t we just eat “regular” food (ie processed and fast food) and take some medicine and vitamins to fill the nutritional void?

Here’s the truth about our food supply- it has changed more in the last 50 or so years than it had in the previous few thousand. Each year, hundreds of food additives were added into the food supply without notifying the FDA at all, let alone going through the proper approval procedures. According to an article I read in the Washington Post, the FDA’s own deputy commissioner for food says, “We simply do not have the information to vouch for the safety of many of these chemicals.” This does not bode well for that food that is supposed to be so convenient. It’s loaded with chemicals and toxins that are unidentifiable as friend or foe. Most of the vitamins available on the market aren’t any better than processed food- the vitamins aren’t in a form that can be absorbed and used by the body.

So, what does the body do with these unknown toxins?

We store toxins and chemicals in our fat; it’s our body’s way of protecting our organs from them. That’s why most of us suffer from belly fat- it’s really the toxins that our fat is keeping away from our vital organs. As women, we tend to have more fat than men and we also spend more of our lives yo-yo dieting- gaining fat, storing chemicals, then releasing the chemicals back into our bodies as we lose the weight. Not good…

This summer I’ve learned quite a bit about nutrition and the body. It is truly a fascinating machine and it’s amazing that we’ve been able to do so much on the fuel (or lack thereof) that we’ve been giving it. If you want to see how it feels to eat the way we were supposed to, to find the diet that works for you instead of following someone else’s, and to get your energy and vitality back, then join my End of Summer Detox that starts on the 8th of September. I’ll help you all along the way.

I’ll also be doing a Teleconference about Detox where I’ll be going over how to lose weight with detoxification. It will take place on Thursday the 4th of September at 6:30 CST.

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11-Day Detox Flyer

I hope you can join me on the teleconference and in the End of Summer Detox.

Questions? Comments? Please let me know.