Contest Prep- The Beginning of the End

I’ve been absent from my blog for a long time now.

Honestly, I’ve just been uninspired. Ever since we had our new wood floors put in the house, I’ve been disorganized. My office was taken apart and all of my files, my desk, everything went away. We decided we were going to get new furniture for the office so it didn’t get put back together for over a month. Almost two months actually. I did much of my work on my laptop on my couch in my living room and it was so easy to get distracted.

I finally got my new office furniture and my office is starting to be usable. Sitting at my desk, instead of in the living room with the TV on, is surprisingly more conducive to work.

Anyway, I have been just as uninspired in my contest prep. It’s been one of the harder hobbies I’ve ever had, because it involves everything in my life for 12 weeks- making sure I get enough sleep every night, getting in all of my prescribed workouts, and even every bite of food I put in my mouth.

I’ve done marathons and triathlons in the past, but since I wasn’t an elite athlete trying to get myself dialed in to perform a certain way I wasn’t as concerned with following any certain eating program. I could train for an hour or two and then do what I wanted. Not so with competing. Competing- especially as a natural athlete that doesn’t use any fat burners, steroids, growth hormone, or other synthetic stuff- involves meticulously paying attention to EVERYthing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It’s a hobby that I chose and I loved the challenge. I loved working hard and seeing the hard work pay off. Every competition was different because of the work I had (or hadn’t) done in the off-season. It was like slowly unwrapping my own present to myself.

I hit that 12-week mark and it would just click. I would get in the zone and be both excited for and focused on my goal and I don’t let anything stand in my way.

Well, last year it took a little longer to get in the zone, but since I had just competed in November I was ok. But taking over a year off, moving, and getting settled in a new area has just taken the wind of my sails. I just haven’t been as excited for this competition as I thought I would be.

I mean this is Figure Universe! I’ve wanted to do this competition for a couple of years. Now it’s here and I’m just not mentally there. My prep has been off and I can feel it. I haven’t followed my plan like I should have been.

So, is this a sign that this hobby has ran its course? Or will I get to the competition and get the bug again? In a few months when I’m feeling more settled, will I feel different?

Who knows? I am planning on doing a Spartan Super Obstacle Course Race. There’s one here in August and I’ve already started increasing my endurance training so I can really hit it hard after the competition.

Gunst, Jessica 3 Jun PosingEven though I know I could have done better during this prep, I’m still excited for this show. Here’s my picture from last week’s check-in.

I was actually feeling a little more puffy than usual due to not sleeping well a few nights last week. Plus I’m not wearing my tanner. See? Everything really does matter, but it becomes more important when the competition is this close. In less than two weeks (three weeks from this picture) I’ll look very different on stage.

No matter what happens- if I decide that this will be my last competition or if I decide to do it again- I’m excited for Figure Universe, for the Spartan Super in August, and for a great summer with my family.

How about you? What are your summer plans?

Questions? Comments?

Let me know.