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You are in the right place if you have experienced a lack of self-confidence, boughts of depression and anxiety, stomach problems like irritable bowel syndrome, or confusion about diet and exercise programs. Let me tell you, I have experienced all of these things too.

You may think that I was born with an understanding about how to eat the best for my body and that I’ve never dealt with emotional eating, self-confidence issues, or any health problems stemming from poor nutrition but let me tell you, I am just like you.

I have felt like I caught every bug that came through, dealt with multiple boughts of anxiety and depression, and wished that I could call in sick because my stomach was cramping so bad that I couldn’t stand upright. I too have been confused and frustrated by a lack of guidance from my doctors and being told there was nothing wrong with me, even though I knew I didn’t feel right.

I work with people who are dealing with chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety, stomach and digestive disorder, and more and I help them to find things in their lives that aren’t serving them- food, activities, people- and I help them start to remove them, and replace them with things that empower them to be their best.

If you want to know more about my story, the whole enchilada, click here.

As a client of my heverybody needs a health coachealth coaching program, you will…

  • set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting
  • work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight
  • understand and reduce your cravings
  • increase your energy levels and feel great in your body
  • learn about new foods and how you can easily incorporate them
  • improve your personal relationships
  • discover the confidence to create the life you want
  • figure out the workouts that work best for your body and your schedule
  • overcome muscle imbalances that can cause pain in day-to-day movement


Your program includes…

  • two 50-minute sessions per month (can also be done via phone or Skype)
  • personalized weight training and cardio recommendations updated monthly
  • e-mail support between sessions
  • recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare
  • coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want
  • simple but informative handouts and giveaways that will increase your nutrition knowledge
  • access to my monthly newsletter with the latest health tips and recipes
  • my personal commitment to your health and success

Is Health Coaching right for you?


  • You are ready for positive change in your life and are open minded.
  • You have tried every diet and fitness plan and still don’t have the results you want.
  • You want to stop yo-yo dieting and find a healthy lifestyle that you can sustain.
  • You feel overwhelmed with what to eat and how to shop and want it broken down.
  • You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  • You want to feel better and lose weight naturally without willpower and deprivation
  • Doctors have told you that there’s nothing wrong with you, that “it’s all in your head”
  • You want better skin, hair, and nails without paying a ton of money for skin creams
  • You want to improve your relationship with food and yourself so that you can go to a social function and not have to hide by the buffet while eating everything in sight.
  • You are willing to take the time and energy needed to get through this 100%.
  • You are a self-starter


  • You are unwilling to learn new ways to shop, cook, and eat.
  • You don’t want to ask for support from your friends and family about making lifestyle changes.
  • You are not an action taker- at this point, it’s easier to just take a pill (or 5 or 6) than make diet and exercise changes.
  • You are not willing to change your beliefs about what is possible for your health and life.

To decide if health coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a free initial consultation with me.  During this session, we will discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals.

Contact me today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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