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The holiday season was rough on all of us.


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Now that the last parties are over and the last gifts have been given, it’s time to give yourself one final gift.

give yourself the gift of health


The answer is One Buff Mama’s FREE Hot for Your Honey Program

Starts Monday January 11th and ends on Sunday February 7th- just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Hot for Your Honey 1My name’s Jessica, and I’m a real health coach for real women. I work out, but not for hours a day. I eat real food that I don’t spend hours a day cooking. I am a wife and mom that wants to give the best to my family without grumbling and complaining at meal times.

I haven’t always felt this great. In fact, I used to rely on caffeine and antidepressants to get through the day. I also struggled with irritable bowel syndrome, mood swings, and lack of energy. I have learned a lot about health and fitness over the years and tried a lot of stupid ways to lose weight- none of which helped my stomach, my depression, or my lack of energy. I may not have been overweight, but I was not healthy. It’s now my passion to help others get healthy without making all the fitness and nutrition mistakes that I made.
You may not have the same story as me. But you don’t have to be a personal trainer, holistic health coach, or even a fitness competitor to feel great in your own body. You can be healthy, take care of your body, and get your groove back while still living in the real world.

I created this program because I got lots of cries for help from clients. Admittedly, the holiday season has always been hard for me too and I always found myself starting the new year bloated and lethargic. Food was always a comfort for me and so I would rather hide by the buffet table than make a new friend or strike up a new conversation with someone I already knew. Let’s leave that behind us this year and create new healthier habits for ourselves. Now!

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So, what does this program involve?

OBM- healthy meals

You will get lots of recipes for meals and snacks, even tips for prepping food and making the most of your busy schedule.

OBM- workouts and weekly challenges

You’ll get workouts that can be done on your own schedule- whether you’re an early bird or a night owl.


OBM- journaling

You will keep a journal or weekly schedule- whichever works best for you and your lifestyle.

I will also have weekly “assignments” that will help you get into a more vibrant life.

OBM- group support

Accountability and support are key to any endeavor. Having a lot of us going through this together can increase the chances for our success.

You can also ask any questions you may have throughout the program. You may find that by listening to someone else’s struggles and offering them support, that you are able to get through your own much easier.

Let’s do this together now!

Starts Monday January 11th and ends on Sunday February 7th- just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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