Under Construction- There is No Such Thing as an Easy Button

Ugh! My past few weeks have been a little crazy.

Half the floors in our downstairs, the stairs themselves, and the upstairs hall were all carpeted floors. We decided to replace it all with hardwood and then the floors that were already wood were refinished so the stain and finish would all match. So basically, just over ¾ of the flooring in our house was either completely pulled out and replaced or resurfaced.

Sounds simple, right? Well, let me put it this way- if your answer was yes, you were wrong.

We even had a great contractor that came in and did all the work for us for a fair and reasonable price. What I didn’t realize was that it was going to be so invasive. Our contractor told us we would be able to stay in the house while the construction was going on, but what they didn’t tell us was that we wouldn’t be able to do anything in the house besides sleep in our rooms that weren’t being resurfaced and shower in the bathrooms.

File Apr 08, 6 07 00 PMFile Apr 08, 6 08 24 PM

Here’s what our house looked like for quite a few days. It was loud due to the sawing and banging. It was dusty due to the sawing and sanding. Plastic was covering my kitchen- I had to take the food I bought for Easter dinner to a friend’s house to cook.


File Apr 08, 6 07 37 PMIn order to do stuff in houses, you have to be able to walk on the floors. I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me, but when the bare unfinished and even recently stained wood was in the house, it was very obvious that I couldn’t do anything. There were even two nights that we weren’t able to stay in the house because of where they were with staining and then the smell of the finish.

It was an incredibly painful process, but I knew that I would absolutely love the end product so the painful few days were worth it. I had quite a few meals prepped and frozen (we had to move the fridge from the kitchen so all our food was moved to the basement fridge) and my gym has a great café so I could grab some easy and very healthy meals there. My workouts were a little off, but a few off-days never hurt anyone right?

What has really amazed me is how much this last week has mimicked my competition-prep life:

  • I got excited about the new floors just like I get excited about the end-product of getting on-stage in a competition.
  • I got frustrated that my house was so torn up and unusable that I even questioned why we were doing it- just like I question myself in my competition-prep. I think, “What am I doing? Why did I think this was a good idea?”
  • I didn’t like how long it took, just like I don’t like how long and slow the prep phase is. My true competition prep of 12-weeks is much longer than my home remodeling of 9 days, but the home remodeling was much more invasive than just making slow changes to my diet and lifestyle the healthy way.

File Apr 15, 11 15 07 AMI am now 8 weeks out from my competition and feel like I have hit a plateau and lost my focus and excitement. Thinking about this past week has really made me see the importance of the journey. I really am “Under Construction” in more ways than one. There is no Easy Button from Staples that I can press and make everything better right away. It’s not an easy process, but I will be so happy with the results so I have to keep going.

I love my new floors and I know I’ll be happy in June with my results. What about you? What changes do you know you need to make, but are too nervous to make them? Do you know what you need to do, you just don’t know how? Don’t give up! The results are worth it!

Questions? Comments? Please let me know!


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